The Diary of R

Okay so basically new to this whole tumblr thing - still dont know how to technically work this. But here is some basics till I get it together. I am a student living in a major metropolitan city - my whole life I enjoyed the finer with that said, I started stripping in my hometown when I was 16, to replace the money being spent(I enjoyed the sex appeal of it also) have not looked back. That then introduced me to being a sugar baby - have been since 17/18, moved to the city im currently residing in. Got into burlesque and the drag scene, thanks to my gay friends <3 I also acquired the finer foods in life (haha) so now im aiming to lose the few pounds I gained (1/2 weight loss blog) I have a paper diary but I decided to take it digitally because ..well. I dumped everyone in my past because the lifes I was living and the person I was to my friends (known since childhood) clashed. Basically in plainer terms, Im changing/changed. So with that said, there are people on here who understand my life - or the different outlets I choose ....based off of random searching, tumblr seems 'openminided'.

Some men only want women for sex. Why are they surprised that some women want them only for money?

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How in the world did this get +12k notes? I was drunk out of my mind when I wrote this. Tumblr is hilarious. But seriously tho

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